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Long-Term Dental care and regular dental visits have many positive benefits.   There are usually two stages of a regular dental visit. The first stage is the check-up.  Your family dentist will check for cavities and also they are checking for plaque or tarter build-up.  You cannot remove tarter with only brushing so it is important you see a dentist regularly so they may stop the build-up of plaque which will eventually harden and turn into tartar.

During your regular dental checkup your dentist will also examine your gums.  This may be done using a dental tool that measures the space between your teeth and gums.  Checkups may also include your tongue, throat, face, head and neck.

The second stage of your dental visit will include a cleaning.  During a cleaning the dental professional will use special dental tools to remove tarter which is called scaling.   Your teeth are then polished.

Having regular dental visits also help detect any signs of oral problems in the early stages. This is very helpful as it may prevent any future oral diseases.  An educated and experienced dental professional knows the signs of future oral problems and is always best to treat them immediately in order to prevent later "bigger problems".

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